Game Review: Saints Row IV

Jonathan Szafran delivers his verdict on the brand new installment in the ludicrous open-world action saga, out next week for PC, Xbox360 and PS3 (reviewed). The Saints are back – and they’re better than ever. Having saved the United States from near disaster you, the leader of the Saints, have gained the favor of the nation and are elected President. What occurs after that is right up there with what this series is known for: over-the-top... Read More

Saints Row IV Offering Million Dollar Ultimate Edition

Saints Row is known for taking things to the extreme – but now Deep Silver, the developers behind the latest incarnation of the over-the-top open world game, have come up with quite the ultimate edition of Saints Row IV. And you better have deep pockets if you want to get your hands on this package deal. Named “The Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition” and priced at a whopping $1 million,  it includes the commander-in-chief edition... Read More

Game Review: Dead Island Riptide

Mark Butler delivers his verdict on the open-world zombie brawler, out this week on PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox360 (reviewed). On paper, the fledgling Dead Island series is a compelling blend of sandbox action-RPG and brutal survival-horror. It’s Far Cry meets Left 4 Dead – or a first-person Dead Rising located in more tropical climes. The reality, however, is rather less exciting than this sounds. 2011’s original installment was... Read More