Warren Spector Interview: ‘The Games Industry Needs To Grow Up – And Stop Putting Easy Profits First’

Legendary game designer Warren Spector produced such classics as Deus Ex and System Shock, and has most recently overseen development of the Epic Mickey titles. Ahead of an eagerly-anticipated appearance at the Bradford Animation Festival, he spoke to Mark Butler about his influential career, his thoughts on the industry at large, and why he fears for the future of mainstream console games. Hi Warren. How are things with you currently? Things are... Read More

Mad Mack: Deus Ex Human Revolution Review

Having finally got his hands on a copy of the highly-anticipated new Deux Ex title, disgruntled gamer Dave ‘Mack’ McConkey offers his own unique brand of analysis on the experience, with this colossal and comprehensive review.  (NB. This week, Dave is joined in his distinctive ramblings by mysterious new sidekick ‘Wheeb’) Let me ask you something. Does the following sound familiar: powerful organisation (government, corporation,... Read More

Mad Mack: Deus Ex Retrospective

With Deus Ex: Human Revolution hitting the streets this week, Dave ‘Mack’ McConkey looks back fondly at the classic original installment, and rather less fondly at its mediocre sequel. (NB. FMV does not necessarily share Dave’s views, and accepts absolutely no responsibility for any offence his diatribes may cause.) Greetings, and welcome to the fourth instalment of Mad Mack – the semi-coherent ramblings of the type of man who thinks... Read More