Thief Reboot Is “More Nuanced” Than Dishonored, Says Eidos Montreal

The forthcoming reboot of seminal stealth series Thief has been widely likened to recent blockbuster hit Dishonored, with everything from its plague-ridden steampunk setting to the ability to complete the game without killing a single person inviting close comparison. But Thief’s lead level designer has said that their game will be much “more nuanced” than Dishonored. In an interview with CVG, Eidos Montreal’s Daniel Windfeld... Read More

Opinion: Six Things We Want In Dishonored 2

Dishonored was undoubtedly one of the finest games of 2012. And with a sequel most definitely in the offing, it’s hard not to imagine some of the cool additions and advances that could be made in the next installment. We speculate on six things that could make Dishonored 2 even better than its predecessor… Expertly blending stealth, action and exploration, and armed with one of the most intriguing and atmospheric settings in recent memory,... Read More

Game Review: Dishonored

Dan Jenko delivers his verdict on the first-person stealth adventure, out now for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (reviewed). As the only new big-name IP among the roll call of 2012’s big winter releases, Dishonored has a kind of responsibility surrounding it. It represents the unique and innovative in an industry that puts out the same old names each year, and while on-paper ‘back-stabbing assassin’ does sound awfully familiar – Dishonored... Read More

Opinion: Lack Of Creativity Is Killing The Games Industry

With the current gaming landscape dominated by sequels, prequels and reboots, Jacques Voller argues that repeated recycling of the same-old ideas and mechanics will be the death of gaming. There’s a common theme that comes up whenever people discuss what exactly is killing the games industry – and that is the over-abundance of DLC, and the reliance of developers and publishers on it to keep their revenues afloat. However, one issue that’s... Read More

Opinion: Dishonored Vs Resident Evil 6 – A Story Of Innovation Vs Imitation

They’re two of the year’s biggest games, but in terms of aims and approach they couldn’t be more different. Mark Butler argues that Dishonored is an experience that seeks to thrive on its novelty and freshness, while Resident Evil 6 tries to make a virtue of its banality. We’ve reached the business end of 2012’s release schedule – and things are getting interesting to say the least. Resident Evil 6 has landed... Read More

Opinion: Five New Games That Look Completely Mind-Blowing

After getting hands-on with some of the year’s most eagerly-anticipated games at Eurogamer Expo, Jacques Voller picks out five new playing experiences that demand your attention. Devil May Cry Reboot While the new Devil May Cry reboot has come under a lot of criticism from long time fans of the series, ostensibly for abandoning the roots of the series and changing the character of protagonist Dante, that still doesn’t stop the new DMC from... Read More

Game News: Dishonored Cast Includes Brad Dourif And Chloe Moretz

Bethesda have announced a star-studded cast for their forthcoming supernatural stealth-action game Dishonored, with Brad Dourif, Chloe Moretz, Susan Sarandon and Star Wars heroine Carrie Fisher all lending their vocal talents. Sarandon, an Academy Award winner and five-time nominee, will make her videogame debut as the former aristocrat Granny Rags – an intriguing old blind woman now deranged after years of street life. Cult hero Brad Dourif,... Read More

Game News: Dishonored Offers “Non-Lethal Alternative” For Every Assassination Quest

Just hours after Deus Ex developer Warren Spector spoke out against the prevalence of ‘ultraviolence’ in today’s gaming landscape, the makers of forthcoming supernatural-action title Dishonored have revealed that every single assassination quest in their game can be completed through non-lethal means. Backing up their claims that the FPS thriller will offer a near-unparalleled level of player choice, key staff at Arkane Studios... Read More

Game News: Dishonored Gameplay Trailer Unleashed

Showcasing gory assassinations, intense first-person combat and a compelling blend of medieval fantasy and futuristic sci-fi, the first gameplay trailer for highly-anticipated new title Dishonored has just landed. The video for the stealth-action game, which can be viewed below, features protagonist Corvo taking on soldiers, mech-like ‘tallboys’, and cowering nobles with everything from deadly crossbows to magic spells.     Set... Read More

Opinion: Dishonored – The Most Exciting Game Of 2012?

With the arrival of its jaw-dropping trailer and the first appetite-whetting details, Mark Butler argues that ambitious action game Dishonored just became the hottest release of the year.  You could argue it’s got serious competition from the likes of BioShock Infinite and Assassin’s Creed III, but I would wager that forthcoming action title Dishonored just became the most exciting game of 2012. Ever since its debut trailer landed earlier... Read More