Neil Thompson: “BioWare Strives To Better What Has Gone Before”

From the WipEout titles to Dragon Age III, industry veteran Neil Thompson has always worked at the cutting-edge of gaming. Now installed as Director of Art & Animation at BioWare, he spoke exclusively to FMV Magazine about the studio’s strengths, the sad closure of his old stomping ground Sony Liverpool, and his ambitions for the future of Dragon Age and Mass Effect. When racing game specialist Bizarre Creations was due to close in early... Read More

BioWare Director: “I’ve Never Been At A Company With This Level Of Fan Engagement”

BioWare has been extremely keen to court fan opinion of late, with the developer asking Dragon Age enthusiasts what they would like to see in the upcoming third installment – and executive producer Casey Hudson taking to Twitter to ask fans for their thoughts on the next Mass Effect game. Many believe this has been directly prompted by the ferocious backlash over Mass Effect 3’s controversial ending. But a senior member of BioWare’s... Read More