Game Review: Fable Anniversary

Jonathan Szafran delivers his verdict on remastered RPG title Fable Anniversary, out now on Xbox 360. It’s been ten years since Fable graced the first Xbox console, with its slightly over-hyped fantasy action-RPG experience going on to spawn two sequels, a Kinect title and an Xbox Live Arcade game. While Fable II succeeded on improving on the original, the series fell apart after that and has yet to reclaim its popularity. Microsoft is hoping... Read More

Game Review – Fable: The Journey

Jonathan Szafran delivers his verdict on the highly divisive Kinect-based installment of the popular fantasy series. It may have sold like hotcakes at launch, but Microsoft’s Kinect system hasn’t exactly caught on with the hardcore crowd. And the games that have been designed with the hardcore in mind, such as Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, have ended up being complete disasters. New for the Xbox 360’s motion-control device, however,... Read More

Opinion: Console Fanboyism Is Petty – And Pathetic

Unimpressed by the reaction to his recent article on PlayStation 3 and Xbox360’s 2012 line-ups, Mark Butler sounds off on the issue of console fanboyism – and why it does us all a disservice. Last week, I posted an article in which I argued that the PlayStation 3 has a stronger array of exclusives lined-up for 2012 than the Xbox360, and suggested this may have something to do with Microsoft’s over-reliance on Kinect. The reaction... Read More