Opinion: Four Mistakes Microsoft Should Correct Next Console Generation

With the next Xbox expected to arrive towards the end of 2013, expectations are high for Microsoft’s new console. But Mark Butler argues that there are several damaging disadvantages with the company’s current strategy, which they would do well to address next time around. With more than 70 million units sold around the world and a particularly healthy commercial performance of late, there’s no doubt that Microsoft’s Xbox... Read More

Game News – Need For Speed: Most Wanted Is “Better With Kinect”, Says Producer

The notorious advertising slogan for Microsoft’s motion-gaming device may be much ridiculed these days, but Criterion producer Chris Roberts has insisted that the new Need For Speed game really does work “better with Kinect”. Roberts revealed that Need For Speed: Most Wanted makes use of Kinect voice-control features, in an interview with EA video show Pwned which is embedded below. You can say ‘Engine Start’ to start... Read More

Game Review – Fable: The Journey

Jonathan Szafran delivers his verdict on the highly divisive Kinect-based installment of the popular fantasy series. It may have sold like hotcakes at launch, but Microsoft’s Kinect system hasn’t exactly caught on with the hardcore crowd. And the games that have been designed with the hardcore in mind, such as Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, have ended up being complete disasters. New for the Xbox 360’s motion-control device, however,... Read More

Opinion: Five New Games That Look Absolutely Mind-Blowing

Having enjoyed sneak previews and hands-on sessions with some of 2012’s biggest releases at PAX East, Jonathan Szafran picks out his five ‘ones to watch’… Over three days at the Boston Convention And Events Centre last weekend I took in all that PAX East had to offer, from the impressive cosplayers (including the now infamous Jessica Nigri) to the many previews and demos of high-profile new games. Although there were some real disappointments... Read More

Gaming News: Skyrim Gets Kinect Features

Bethesda have today announced the introduction of Kinect features for their hit RPG Skyrim – including voice commands for Dragon Shouts.  Available for free as a title update slated for release this month, Skyrim’s Kinect for Xbox 360 Support will “add a new dimension to gameplay”, with more than 200 voice commands for Dragon Shouts, Hotkey Equipping, Follower Commands, and all Menus (Items, Magic, Map, Barter, Container,... Read More

Opinion: The PS3’s 2012 Line-Up Trumps Xbox360’s – Is Kinect To Blame?

Next year’s console line-ups appear to have the Xbox360 on the back foot, with the PlayStation 3 mustering a greater and more impressive array of exclusives. With Kinect games dominating Microsoft’s stable and a worrying lack of unique ‘hardcore’ titles on the way, Mark Butler asks whether the company is putting too much faith in its motion-gaming technology. With the New Year almost upon us and gamers beginning to cast their... Read More

Gaming News: Halo Anniversary Kinect Features Explained

343 Industries have unveiled details about Kinect functionality in “Halo: Anniversary,” including voice commands and a new feature that lets players gather canonical  information as they explore “Halo” and relive the iconic adventure: Analyze Mode – Analyze Mode is a Kinect-exclusive feature that allows players to “scan” items of interest within the “Halo: Anniversary” campaign to populate the Library, an interactive encyclopedia... Read More