Game Review: Castlevania Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate HD

Jonathan Szafran delivers his verdict on the high-definition version of Castlevania Lords Of Shadow – Mirror Of Fate. PS3 version reviewed. The move from the 3DS to high definition home consoles is a mixed bag for Castlevania Mirror of Fate. As the game starts you will notice a slight graphical improvement, but compared to the likes of any PS3 or Xbox 360 game over the last few years MOF HD looks like a game that was released in the first year... Read More

Game Review: Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow – Mirror Of Fate

Jonathan Szafran delivers his verdict on the latest installment in the famous Castlevania series, out now on Nintendo 3DS. Finally, we have a MetroidVania-style game for the 3DS. Even though I would have anticipated Nintendo releasing a new installment of their own franchise first, we instead get a sequel to MercurySteam’s 2010 console title, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. Unfortunately, while that game proved pretty enjoyable, this 3DS followup... Read More

Game Review – Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Jonathan Szafran delivers his verdict on the latest entry in the much-loved action series, out this week on PlayStation 3 and Xbox360 (reviewed).  Jack is back, baby – and he’s better than ever. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance features cyborg ninja Raiden front and center in his very own title; designed by masters of insane, over-the-top action Platinum Games. But while Revengeance adds a lot of new tricks to the already seminal franchise,... Read More

Game Review: Zone Of The Enders HD Collection

Jonathan Szafran delivers his verdict on the new high-definition compilation of Hideo Kojima’s sci-fi action series, out now in the US and on November 30th in the UK for PS3 and Xbox360 (reviewed). HD collections are like a dime-a-dozen these days. It seems a new one is being announced every week, and while a lot of these collections package some pretty great games together, unless you are Mr. Moneybags you can’t expect to buy them all.... Read More

Game Review: New Little King’s Story

Jonathan Szafran delivers his verdict on the new enhanced version of the  genre-blending  strategy title, out now to download for the PlayStation Vita. Debuting on the Nintendo Wii back in 2009, Little King’s Story was met with critical acclaim but not embraced by the gaming public, and proceeded to become lost in the bargain bins. Now, three year’s on, Little King’s Story is back on the PlayStation Vita, bringing with it an... Read More

Game Review: Silent Hill Downpour

Mark Butler delivers his verdict on the latest entry in the renowned survival-horror franchise, out now for PlayStation 3 and Xbox360 (reviewed). The phrase ‘it never rains but it pours’ aptly sums-up Konami’s approach to their famous Silent Hill franchise of late. It’s been more than two years since the interesting Shattered Memories, and three since the decidedly lackluster Homecoming, yet as we speak the HD Collection... Read More

Gaming News: Silent Hill HD Collection’s Release Date Confirmed

After various delays and speculation over its eventual release date, Konami have finally confirmed the arrival day for the Silent Hill HD Collection. The revamped game compilation will be released for Xbox360 and PlayStation 3 on March 29th. It features graphical makeovers of survival-horror classics Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3, with the original soundtracks and dialogue also re-recorded to add polish to the games’ audio elements as well... Read More

Opinion: FIFA Vs Pro Evo – Who’s The Champ?

FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer are the undisputed titans of the football game. But which of the popular franchises has the real bragging rights? Sports sim enthusiast Jamie Presland sizes up the long-time rivals… Football is full of rivalries. Man Utd vs Liverpool. Real Madrid vs Barcelona. Luton Town vs Watford. But perhaps the fiercest rivalry of all is one not fought on the pitch, but on the console.  I am of course referring to the ongoing... Read More

Game Review: Frogger 3D

Jonathan Szafran reviews Frogger 3D, out now for Nintendo 3DS in Japan and North America. Well here we are, the second review in a week that features a game with vehicle traffic – after Burnout Crash – except in Frogger 3D you try to avoid the traffic, in this new title from Konami that celebrates the classic franchise’s 30 year anniversary. So, from one game that rewards head on collisions, to one that will throw all types of... Read More

Opinion: Silent Hill Retrospective

With the eighth installment in the Silent Hill series just around the corner, horror enthusiast Mark Butler looks back to where it all began – and explores the origins, impact and groundbreaking influence of Konami’s turn-of-the-millennium masterpiece. In Danse Macabre, an excellent discussion of horror in literature, television and film, Stephen King raises the concept of ‘the Bad Place’: a dreaded building or location inhabited... Read More