Mad Mack: 7 Greatest Games Of The Last Generation

Looking back over the assorted glories of the decade-spanning previous generation, disgruntled gamer Dave ‘Mack’ McConkey provides a typically offbeat assessment of the very finest games to grace consoles and PC in recent years. It’s been a long time coming. But it seems that the last glimmers of twilight are finally giving way to night, drawing the curtain on a generation of consoles that, for better or worse, has redefined not... Read More

Game Review: Saints Row IV

Jonathan Szafran delivers his verdict on the brand new installment in the ludicrous open-world action saga, out next week for PC, Xbox360 and PS3 (reviewed). The Saints are back – and they’re better than ever. Having saved the United States from near disaster you, the leader of the Saints, have gained the favor of the nation and are elected President. What occurs after that is right up there with what this series is known for: over-the-top... Read More

EA: A Love-Hate Relationship

With Electronic Arts once again dubbed the ‘Worst Company in America’, long-time critic of the firm Mark Butler explores his conflicted feelings on the publisher – and explains why he both loves and loathes EA at the same time. So. EA have once again been voted the ‘Worst Company in America’. Given the worringly high number of firms currently engaging in infinitely more shady business tactics and morally-dubious areas... Read More

Neil Thompson: “BioWare Strives To Better What Has Gone Before”

From the WipEout titles to Dragon Age III, industry veteran Neil Thompson has always worked at the cutting-edge of gaming. Now installed as Director of Art & Animation at BioWare, he spoke exclusively to FMV Magazine about the studio’s strengths, the sad closure of his old stomping ground Sony Liverpool, and his ambitions for the future of Dragon Age and Mass Effect. When racing game specialist Bizarre Creations was due to close in early... Read More

BioWare Director: “I’ve Never Been At A Company With This Level Of Fan Engagement”

BioWare has been extremely keen to court fan opinion of late, with the developer asking Dragon Age enthusiasts what they would like to see in the upcoming third installment – and executive producer Casey Hudson taking to Twitter to ask fans for their thoughts on the next Mass Effect game. Many believe this has been directly prompted by the ferocious backlash over Mass Effect 3’s controversial ending. But a senior member of BioWare’s... Read More

Mass Effect Producer Asks Fans: “Should The Next Game Be A Prequel?”

In the latest of a series of attempts to gauge fan opinion on the future direction of the Mass Effect series, BioWare’s Casey Hudson has taken to Twitter to see whether gamers would prefer the next game to be a sequel or a prequel. “Parsing through your thoughts on the next ME game,” wrote the Executive Producer yesterday. “Would you be more interested in a game that takes place before the trilogy, or after?” Speculation... Read More

Mad Mack: Dear BioWare – I Forgive You

He may have fallen out of love with BioWare following the Mass Effect 3 ending fiasco, but after some reflection disgruntled gamer Dave ‘Mack’ McConkey has decided to rekindle his affection for the RPG bigwigs. Here, in an open-letter to the developer, he explains why. Warning: Contains Major Spoilers For The Mass Effect Titles And Knights Of The Old Republic Dear BioWare We have been friends for a very long time now. I remember the... Read More

Opinion: Moral Choice And The Witcher 2 – Nobody Does It Better

There is much to be impressed by when experiencing fantasy epic The Witcher 2 – but Mark Butler argues that it is the game’s handling of moral choice that really sets it apart. Warning: Major Spoilers Below The other day I finally got around to completing the Enhanced Edition of The Witcher 2, and it’s fair to say that the complex RPG proved to be a memorable gaming experience for all manner of reasons – not least the sheer audacity of its... Read More

Opinion: Eight Greatest Success Stories Of This Gaming Generation

With rumours surrounding next-generation’s hardware continuing to fly around the web, Dan Jenko explores the groundbreaking games and franchises that have defined this current console generation. While the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii generation is far from over, we do appear to be getting close to the end of their lifespan. The Wii U is widely-expected to be released by the end of this coming year, and though we’ll definitely have to wait... Read More

Mad Mack: Eighteen Moments That Defined My Gaming Life

From struggling with  Super Mario Bros. to marvelling at Morrowind, disgruntled gamer Dave ‘Mack’ McConkey takes a uniqely entertaining look at the ups and downs that have most defined his  gaming life to date – and asks what they tell us about the evolution of the medium over the years. While I was writing my last article about Battlefield 3 douchebags, it occurred to me that I was pissing and moaning about some fairly minor... Read More

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