Fifty Shades of Cinema: 1974 – The Godfather: Part II

Fifty Shades of Cinema continues with Jonathon Dabell taking a look at The Godfather: Part II starring Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. The Contenders 1974 basks in fine movies… as ever, the quest to choose a winner sees many worthy contenders relegated to joint second-place. World cinema is headed by a trio of excellent films: Akira Kurosawa’s Russian epic Dersu Uzala, Robert Bresson’s bloody Arthurian masterpiece Lancelot Du Lac, and Werner Herzog’s... Read More

DVD Review: Death Wish 2 & Death Wish 3

Jonathon Dabell reviews both Death Wish 2 & 3 starring Charles Bronson and directed by Michael Winner. Both films are released on DVD Monday February 13th (Death Wish 2 getting a Region 2 re-release, while Death Wish 3 is making its belated R2 debut). The early ‘70s saw a slew of realistic and taboo-busting movies about urban violence, with titles such as The French Connection, Serpico, Across 110th Street, Dirty Harry and Shaft among the pick... Read More