Mad Mack: Three Things That Will Make 2013 A Phenomenal Year For Gamers

With a bold new year for video games in the offing, disgruntled gamer Dave ‘Mack’ McConkey takes an unusually optimistic look at the 12 months ahead – and explains why they are set to offer up a seminal chapter for our beloved medium. Aaaaaand, we’re back. After two weeks of eating our own body weight in turkey and gravy, drinking enough to drown a bus-load of puppies and moving just enough to stay sanitary and refresh our drinks,... Read More

Opinion: Four Mistakes Microsoft Should Correct Next Console Generation

With the next Xbox expected to arrive towards the end of 2013, expectations are high for Microsoft’s new console. But Mark Butler argues that there are several damaging disadvantages with the company’s current strategy, which they would do well to address next time around. With more than 70 million units sold around the world and a particularly healthy commercial performance of late, there’s no doubt that Microsoft’s Xbox... Read More

Opinion: Four Reasons To Be Excited About Gaming In 2013

With January just a few weeks away and a whole load of compelling developments, groundbreaking ideas and great new games right around the corner, Mark Butler presents four reasons why 2013 looks set to be a truly stellar year. Look, I can be a cynical tosser at times. This time last year I was expressing my pessimistic view that 2012 looked to be a rather uninspiring forthcoming twelve months for gaming. And while there have been many terrific experiences... Read More