Opinion: Why A J.J. Abrams Half-Life Movie Could Be The Best (Or Worst) Idea Ever

Following the recent announcement that J.J. Abrams is set to work with Valve on a Half-Life or Portal movie, Jacques Voller takes a look at the reasons why such a project could be completely magnificent – or an utter disaster. At the recent DICE summit, the audience was left stunned when noted sci-fi director J.J. Abrams revealed that both he and video game giants Valve were teaming up to produce a big screen adaptation of one of their two... Read More

Opinion: The Greatest Gaming Moments Of This Generation

With the Wii U fast-approaching and the end of this gaming generation seemingly within sight, Dan Jenko takes a look back at the six stand-out moments that wowed us on this generation of consoles. Sony and Microsoft may continue to insist that their current-generation consoles still have legs, but with Nintendo ushering in the next generation with the Wii U it does seem that next generation’s hardware is on its way. So while we’re without details... Read More

Opinion: Tackling Sexism In Games Is Essential

Following the recent backlash against a project examining the portrayal of women in video games, Jacques Voller argues that we must recognise that sexism is an issue and do something about it – or risk jeopardising the image and progress of the entire medium. The recent outcry over Anita Sarkeesian’s web series “Tropes vs. Women” – an attempt to look at the current state of sexism in video games – left me feeling incredibly... Read More

Opinion: Has Horror Taken Over Mainstream Gaming?

Many have suggested that serious horror titles have all but disappeared from today’s gaming landscape, but Mark Butler argues that horror themes and influences have come to permeate many of the medium’s biggest titles and franchises. The story of horror gaming over the past 25 years or so is not just one of evolution within the genre; it is also a tale of near-unprecedented, wider influence on the video games medium as a whole. Horror... Read More