Opinion: FIFA Vs Pro Evo – Who’s The Champ?

FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer are the undisputed titans of the football game. But which of the popular franchises has the real bragging rights? Sports sim enthusiast Jamie Presland sizes up the long-time rivals… Football is full of rivalries. Man Utd vs Liverpool. Real Madrid vs Barcelona. Luton Town vs Watford. But perhaps the fiercest rivalry of all is one not fought on the pitch, but on the console.  I am of course referring to the ongoing... Read More

Opinion: Why Do Gamers Look Down On Sport Sims?

Sports game enthusiast Jamie Presland believes football, golf and even snooker simulators offer “escapism at its best” – but feels they are overlooked and under-valued by many in the gaming community. Here, he asks why. As little as fifteen years ago, if you wanted to be a professional athlete you had to hit the gym, train in the pouring rain, and eat nothing but chicken and salad. Or play golf. Thanks to the age of video gaming... Read More