8 Great-Looking Games Landing In The Next Three Months

Traditionally, the July to September release window can be a sparse time for game launches – with few top titles hitting the market in the summer months. This year, however, there are numerous fantastic-looking experiences on the way. From inspired indie creations to major console releases, FMV picks out eight of the best prospects landing in Q3.    Dark – (PC/Xbox360) Out July 5/9 Forget Twilight. Real vampires are back –... Read More

Mad Mack: The Trouble With Sandbox Games

With the aid of eye-catching graphs, partial nudity and very harsh language, Dave ‘Mack’ McConkey explores the frustrations and drawbacks of the Sandbox gaming genre. I have a problem with sandbox games. Many players like the total freedom they are offered in a sandbox, and can’t wait to get out there, pile a hundred cars up and then blow them all to shit. These players derive significant joy from dicking around and trying to break... Read More