Top Five Games Of 2013

From stellar sequels to innovative originals, this year has seen the release of some truly stunning games. With 2014 now just around the corner, FMV’s five resident gaming writers each pick out their favourite title of the year – and explain why they were so bowled over…   BioShock Infinite Selected by Mark Butler Few games truly stay with you long after the credits have rolled. But BioShock Infinite gave me a full-on, Donnie Darko-style... Read More

Top Ten Games Of 2013 So Far (According To The Critics)

With delightful platformer Rayman Legends receiving rave reviews, it seems an apt time to take a look at the highest-rated games of the year so far. From mainstream blockbusters to colourful indie titles, we’ve compiled the ten most critically-acclaimed titles of 2013 to date. But you may be surprised at the results…   Magicka: Wizards Of The Square Tablet This colourful, hectic and unbelievably enjoyable iOS and Android creation... Read More

8 Great-Looking Games Landing In The Next Three Months

Traditionally, the July to September release window can be a sparse time for game launches – with few top titles hitting the market in the summer months. This year, however, there are numerous fantastic-looking experiences on the way. From inspired indie creations to major console releases, FMV picks out eight of the best prospects landing in Q3.    Dark – (PC/Xbox360) Out July 5/9 Forget Twilight. Real vampires are back –... Read More

Opinion: Four Reasons Why The Wii U Is Struggling

With sales far below expectations and key industry figures now raising concerns, Nintendo’s Wii U platform appears to be struggling commercially. Considering various factors surrounding the console’s first few months, Mark Butler takes a look at four things that are to blame. Despite a considerable degree of excitement leading up to its launch, the Wii U has not taken off in the way that Nintendo would have hoped. At the end of January... Read More

Rayman Legends Revelation – Great For Most Gamers, Terrible For Wii U Owners

It’s been announced that colourful platforming sequel Rayman Legends – widely considered to be a key highlight of the Wii U’s line-up – will now no longer be a Nintendo exclusive. And the game has also had its release date pushed back to September as a result. Ubisoft have decided to release the title on the PS3 and Xbox360, with the Wii U version – previously set for sale later this month – now delayed considerably... Read More

February & March’s Gaming Line-Up Is An Epic Embarrassment Of Riches

Looking over the release schedule for the next two months, it’s hard not to be blown away by the sheer wealth of eagerly-anticipated titles about to land. Packed-full of high-profile blockbusters and new entries in some of the biggest series around, it’s set to be one of the most eventful 60-day chapters in gaming history. Fancy some adrenaline-pumping action-horror? Say hello to Aliens: Colonial Marines, Metro: Last Light and Dead Space... Read More

Opinion: Ten Most Anticipated Games Of 2013

Next year’s gaming line-up looks to be one of the strongest in living memory, with both highly-anticipated sequels and fantastic-looking originals heading our way. Casting his gaze over the impressive release schedule, Mark Butler picks out the ten games he’s looking forward to the most.   BioShock Infinite Its development may have been slightly marred by unfortunate delays, issues with the (now-defunct) multiplayer and – slightly... Read More

Opinion: Four Reasons To Be Excited About Gaming In 2013

With January just a few weeks away and a whole load of compelling developments, groundbreaking ideas and great new games right around the corner, Mark Butler presents four reasons why 2013 looks set to be a truly stellar year. Look, I can be a cynical tosser at times. This time last year I was expressing my pessimistic view that 2012 looked to be a rather uninspiring forthcoming twelve months for gaming. And while there have been many terrific experiences... Read More

Opinion: Five Most Anticipated Gaming Sequels

With hype continuing to build around the likes of GTA V and Assassin’s Creed 3, Mark Butler offers up his own personal selection of sequels he can’t wait to get his hands on. Gamers love sequels. Absolutely love ’em. It’s the reason why established franchises continue to dominate every corner of the mainstream industry, regardless of how uninspired and generic their increasingly tired lineage has become. By contrast, original... Read More

Game News: Rayman Legends Trailer Leaked

The follow-up to 2011’s hit platformer Rayman Origins has been revealed via a leaked trailer, offering juicy details about both the new game and the capabilities of the Wii U. This confirms that Ubisoft are indeed working on a new title entitled ‘Rayman Legends’, and the trailer features gameplay similar to Rayman Origins, including the beautiful environments and fast-paced platforming that made the game a critical and commercial success. The... Read More