Opinion: Shinji Mikami – The Master Of Horror Returns

The revelation that Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami is working on a new survival-horror has set gaming sites and internet forums ablaze. Mark Butler salutes Mikami’s return to the genre he pioneered – and argues it couldn’t have come at a better time. It’s fair to say that the once mighty survival-horror genre has rather declined in recent years. There have been some occasional terrifying highlights, sure, but for the... Read More

Red Ring Brigade Radio Podcast: Episode 27

The latest Red Ring Brigade Radio podcast is now online, with all the latest film and video game news and reviews. One of the greatest animated films of all time returned to U.S. theaters this week with the release of The Lion King 3D. Jonathan and Brent share their thoughts on what the 3D added to the film and if the movie still holds up after all these  years (*hint*: it still does).  From there it goes downhill as the subject of the Lion King... Read More

Opinion: Is The Mainstream Horror Game Dead?

The mainstream horror landscape is dominated by action-based titles such as FEAR 3 and Dead Island, the Resident Evil franchise is heading into all-out shooter mode and the survival-horror genre as a whole appears to have lost its fearsome bite. Mark Butler asks whether the mainstream horror game should be declared officially dead. Can you remember the last time you were scared by a mainstream video game? I mean, really scared? There’s no shortage... Read More