Opinion: Should Resident Evil Be Laid To Rest?

Resident Evil 6 has just been announced – but not everyone is excited about it. Once a die-hard fan of the franchise, Mark Butler argues that Capcom’s long-running series may now be better off dead and buried. When the trailer for Resident Evil 6 landed yesterday and the buzz began to build around Capcom’s latest zombie extravaganza, it’s safe to say I was less excited than most. Regarding both the 3-minute video and accompanying... Read More

Opinion: Chasing Amy – Why The Lack Of Major Horror Games Is A Tragedy

The immense sense of disappointment following Amy’s critical savaging has highlighted the ongoing frustration felt by neglected survival-horror fans. Similarly aggrieved, Mark Butler argues that the current lack of mainstream horror games is not just infuriating – but downright tragic. By now, you’ll no doubt have heard about the critical savaging meted out to high-profile downloadable horror game Amy – an eagerly-anticipated... Read More

Opinion: Is The Mainstream Horror Game Dead?

The mainstream horror landscape is dominated by action-based titles such as FEAR 3 and Dead Island, the Resident Evil franchise is heading into all-out shooter mode and the survival-horror genre as a whole appears to have lost its fearsome bite. Mark Butler asks whether the mainstream horror game should be declared officially dead. Can you remember the last time you were scared by a mainstream video game? I mean, really scared? There’s no shortage... Read More