Game Review: Dead Island Riptide

Mark Butler delivers his verdict on the open-world zombie brawler, out this week on PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox360 (reviewed). On paper, the fledgling Dead Island series is a compelling blend of sandbox action-RPG and brutal survival-horror. It’s Far Cry meets Left 4 Dead – or a first-person Dead Rising located in more tropical climes. The reality, however, is rather less exciting than this sounds. 2011’s original installment was... Read More

Gaming News: Dead Island Devs Announce New Game

Polish developer Techland have announced a brand new title, and while it’s once again set on a dangerous tropical paradise, it may not be what everyone was expecting… The new game is a downloadable ATV-racer named Mad Riders. And the game’s reveal trailer, which has just been unveiled by Ubisoft, provides a glimpse of something similiar to Motorstorm and Pure, complete with the tag line: “Paradise is your playground”. Mad... Read More

Mad Mack: Dead Island Review

Dave ‘Mack’ McConkey delivers his less than glowing verdict on open-world zombie thriller Dead Island, out now for PC, PS3 and Xbox360.  Every once in a while I pick up a game that, for some reason, I won’t complete.  I’ll put it down for a while and then, when I finally pick up the controller again, it just fails to conjure any level of interest in me, like I’ve picked up a toilet brush right after the world’s most monstrous... Read More