Opinion: Has The Walking Dead Saved Old-School Adventure Games?

Once one of gaming’s most prominent genres, the point-and-click adventure had all but vanished from the mainstream in recent years – but is arguably seeing a resurgence due to the success of Telltale’s Walking Dead. Dan Jenko explores the reasons behind that game’s success, and looks at how the story of Lee Everett may have sparked a comeback for old-school adventure games. NB. The following article discusses major plot-points... Read More

Interview: Walking Dead Dev Talks Moral Choice, Unexpected Success, And The Importance Of Good Storytelling

With his hugely popular Walking Dead series continuing to garner widespread acclaim, Telltale Games’ Jake Rodkin speaks exclusively to FMV Magazine about the secrets of its success, the pros and cons of episodic gaming, and why there needs to be more mature storytelling in games. At the start of the year, if someone had told you that one of the most critically and commercially-successful titles of 2012 would be a downloadable episodic point-and-click... Read More

Game News: Walking Dead Dev Calls For Stronger Storytelling In Games

Telltale Games’ Jake Rodkin has claimed that many developers underestimate the importance of story and writing – and this has led to mainstream gaming being dominated by soulless, superficial experiences. “Video games, like movies, have got stuck in a rut of just being action-packed, bravado-filled wish-fulfillment,” he said, in an exclusive interview with FMV Magazine. “In many games, the script is actually the last... Read More

Opinion: Five Reasons Why ‘The Walking Dead’ Might Be The Game Of The Year

Blown away by the powerful storytelling and nail-biting tension of Telltale’s unexpectedly magnificent downloadable series, Mark Butler gives his thoughts on why the narrative-based adventure could prove to be the finest gaming experience of 2012. At the start of the year, if you’d have told me that the greatest game I’d play in the next six months would be a downloadable point-and-click adventure title from Telltale – a developer... Read More

Game Review: The Walking Dead – Episode 1

Jonathan Szafran delivers his verdict on the first installment in Telltale’s apocalyptic zombie adventure, out now to download for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox360. If there’s one thing you’ll take away from the first episode of The Walking Dead: The Game, it’s that Telltale are certainly getting better at telling fresh stories for already-established franchises. Their work on Back To The Future was great and they span a terrific... Read More