Warren Spector Interview: ‘The Games Industry Needs To Grow Up – And Stop Putting Easy Profits First’

Legendary game designer Warren Spector produced such classics as Deus Ex and System Shock, and has most recently overseen development of the Epic Mickey titles. Ahead of an eagerly-anticipated appearance at the Bradford Animation Festival, he spoke to Mark Butler about his influential career, his thoughts on the industry at large, and why he fears for the future of mainstream console games. Hi Warren. How are things with you currently? Things are... Read More

Thief Reboot Is “More Nuanced” Than Dishonored, Says Eidos Montreal

The forthcoming reboot of seminal stealth series Thief has been widely likened to recent blockbuster hit Dishonored, with everything from its plague-ridden steampunk setting to the ability to complete the game without killing a single person inviting close comparison. But Thief’s lead level designer has said that their game will be much “more nuanced” than Dishonored. In an interview with CVG, Eidos Montreal’s Daniel Windfeld... Read More