Game News: Tomb Raider Fans Unhappy Over Reboot Revelations

It’s been recently revealed in an online developer-Q&A that the Tomb Raider reboot will feature no swimming sections whatsoever, while iconic heroine Lara Croft will ‘benefit’ from a regenerating  health system. And it’s fair to say that many fans of the series are not happy with these design decisions. A number of sprawling comments threads have opened up across the web, with plenty of gamers having their say over these... Read More

Opinion: Five Sequels And Reboots That Will Completely Divide Gamers

They say you can’t please all the people all the time – and that’s certainly the case with some of 2013’s most talked-about sequels and reboots. With controversy already brewing over the change of direction in a number of famous series, Mark Butler looks at five high-profile releases that seem certain to split opinion. When creating a sequel to a highly successful game, the biggest challenge faced by developers is undoubtedly... Read More

Opinion: 3 Massively-Hyped Games That Look Completely Average

After getting hands-on with a number of eagerly-anticipated titles at Eurogamer Expo, Jacques Voller explains why three of gaming’s most hyped up-and-coming experiences really don’t seem anything special. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale For a game that is essentially a complete rip-off of Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros, Battle Royal is much better than I was expecting. The major downside, however, would be that Sony’s list of... Read More

Opinion: Ultra-Violence And Sexism – Does Gaming Need To Grow Up?

Following recent controversy over the dominance of violence in mainstream games, and continued allegations of rampant sexism, Mark Butler asks whether we should be prepared to take these criticisms more seriously. Perhaps the most ludicrously ironic moment of this year’s E3 conference occurred during the centrepiece presentation of strikingly mature post-apocalyptic title The Last Of Us, when a gruesomely violent kill – clearly intended... Read More