Opinion: Why A J.J. Abrams Half-Life Movie Could Be The Best (Or Worst) Idea Ever

Following the recent announcement that J.J. Abrams is set to work with Valve on a Half-Life or Portal movie, Jacques Voller takes a look at the reasons why such a project could be completely magnificent – or an utter disaster. At the recent DICE summit, the audience was left stunned when noted sci-fi director J.J. Abrams revealed that both he and video game giants Valve were teaming up to produce a big screen adaptation of one of their two... Read More

Opinion: Four Reasons To Be Excited About Gaming In 2013

With January just a few weeks away and a whole load of compelling developments, groundbreaking ideas and great new games right around the corner, Mark Butler presents four reasons why 2013 looks set to be a truly stellar year. Look, I can be a cynical tosser at times. This time last year I was expressing my pessimistic view that 2012 looked to be a rather uninspiring forthcoming twelve months for gaming. And while there have been many terrific experiences... Read More

Christine Phelan: “Valve Want Our Only Concern To Be Making Great Games”

Having cut her teeth on games such as Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and Brutal Legend, top animator Christine Phelan is now fully-immersed in the development of Valve’s forthcoming online title Dota 2. In an exclusive interview, she spoke to Mark Butler about the ‘action-RTS’, her dream of tackling Half-Life 3 – and why there is no other developer quite like Valve. Few companies possess the aura of mystery and intrigue that... Read More

Valve Dev: “Calling Games Industry Sexist Is A Major Disservice To Developers”

In recent years the video games industry has been dogged by accusations that it is too male-dominated and even sexist – but top Valve animator Christine Phelan has little time for such talk. “There are a ton of dudes in the games industry, yes – it’s a bit of a pickle jar,” she said, in an interview with FMV yesterday. “I have never, however, been treated as anything but a team member and an equal by my coworkers,... Read More

Opinion: The State Of DLC

Looking ahead to upcoming blockbuster Batman: Arkham City, and back at classics such as Half-Life 2, Jacques Voller explores the current issues surrounding downloadable content in gaming – and asks whether the demanding nature of consumers is largely responsible for its boom. Ask any gamer you know about DLC and they’ll give you their own two cents about how it’s destroying the games industry, or how developers charge way to much... Read More